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Product Authentication

Counterfeit products are causing considerable damage to our economy and businesses.

This is particularly so in the food, drink, neutraceutical, ingredients and pharmaceutical sectors, where product authentication is becoming an absolute necessity for both suppliers and buyers. 

This is especially so in the in the import / export sector where improved batch control and sampling is vital for maintenance of business integrity and consumer/customer safety.

Our new technology, developed out of a novel system for identification of cultivars of Artemsia annua is leading the way in Product Authentication.

For example, we use confidential technology to make extracts of an authentic food substance (different batches and samplings) and apply this to inter alia a Q-ToF LCMSMS system, in order to develop a profile of the molecular components of the test substance.

This gives us a chemical fingerprint of the substance which we can then compare against the suspected counterfeit or out of date product.

This technology can also be used to identify out of date products and to monitor a spoilage profile, perhaps prior to product release.

We then apply advanced chemometric techniques, using Principle Component Analysis to develop an authentication  patterns which can be used to trace the origin of a product, e.g. the location of cultivation for example.

This gives advantages over DNA profiling e.g. for imported plant products since low level contamination with other substances (assuming a reference is available) can be detected.