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Contract Services

Within SensaPharm we have expertise in a range of state of the art analytical techniques and are pleased to make these available to the community.

Our expertise lies in small molecule analysis, particularly mass spectrometry, though we can deliver a range of supporting techniques and services. Primarily originating from our work on artemisinin (an anti-malaria API) and small molecule biomarker identification, analysis and validation, we are keen to develop work in other areas and to build long term relationships with new clients.

Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Karl Fisher moisture analysis
Ion chromatography

We carry out method validation to ICH guidelines (e.g. Q2 R1 for analytical procedure, specificity, accuracy, precision, detection limit, quantitation limit, linearity, range and robustness) and we will provide protocols and documentation together with a final report. We are interested in developing our range of reference standards and would be interested to hear of any requirements for provision of such materials, with characterization.

On occasion we work with carefully selected partner organizations to fulfill your analytical needs. In particular, our sister company Complement Genomics Ltd operates a full service molecular biology unit which can be accessed via;


You may be interested in our gene to metabolite biomarker analysis capability; genetic polymorphism, Q-PCR gene expression, proteomics, metabolite analysis.

Please enquire for details.