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A biomarker is any molecule or measurement that can be used as an indicator of a particular physiological state of an organism, including disease and wellness status.

Biomarkers have been used in clinical research for some time and there has been a recent explosion in applicability with the advent of techniques for analysis of biological systems at all levels. Biomarkers can be used for diagnosis, prognosis and to monitor treatment.

Between our two companies (Complement Genomics Ltd and SensaPharm Ltd), we offer a complete platform for biomarker analysis, from gene to metabolite.

Our specialization is in biomarker assay development and validation, which we carry out to ICH guidelines.

We are also capable of biomarker identification and primarily use Mass Spectroscopy.

The platforms we offer include Q-PCR for gene expression, expression microarrays, proteomics and small molecule (metabolite) analysis.

We are particularly adept at genetic polymorphism analysis across populations and can offer GWAS and a full suite of genomic capability.

We have our own research projects in the areas of wound care, forensics and transplantation.

If you have a requirement for biomarker assay development or validation, then please contact us now for a free and confidential discussion.