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Anti-Malarial Products / Validated and non-validated assays /


Validated and non-validated assays

We have developed a large range of methods and techniques for the detection and quantitation of anti malarial compounds, with a focus on the artemisinin related compounds.

In particular, our sister company Complement Genomics Ltd has developed the worlds first VALIDATED assay for the quantitative determination of artemisinin in leaf, in extract and in the API, using highly accurate LCMSMS technology. This validation is to the international quality standard EN ISO 17025.

To be clear, we are an independent testing laboratory and service a number of clients in a totally confidential manner.

We therefore invite interested parties to submit samples to us for accurate quantitation of artemisinin.

In time we hope this will help to improve local testing methods such that the supply chain for artemisinin can be stabilized.

Hence we encourage all relevant growers, extractors, API producers and pharmaceutical partners to join with us in creating a unified benchmark for artemisinin and API analysis.

Please enquire for details of this assay service.