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Anti-Malarial Products/ Other Anti-Malarial Pharmaceuticals / Piperaquine phosphate


Piperaquine phosphate


Piperaquine is a bisquinoline antimalarial drug that is one of a number of compounds suitable for combination with artemisinin derivatives such as dihydroartemisinin

Catalogue#: RS-024
Quantity: 20mg
CAS#: 4085-31-8
Molecular Weight: 999.56
Structure: C29H32Cl2N6.4(H3PO4).4(H2O)
Synonyms: Pireraquine phosphate; Piperaquine phosphate CP2000; 1,3-bis[1-(7-chloro-4-quinolyl)-4'-piperazinyl]propane tetraphosphate tetrahydrate; 4,4'-[1,3-Propanediylbis(4,1-piperazinediyl)]bis(7-chloroquinoline); 4,4'-(1,3-Propanediydi-4,1-piper-azinediyl)bis[7-chloroquinoline]; 4,4'-(trimethylenedi-4,1-piperazinediyl)bis(7-chloro-quinoline); piperaquinoline.