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Anti-Malarial Products/ Artemisinin Derivatives / Artemisitene




Artemisitene is an endoperoxide closely related to the known antimalarial sesquiterpene artemisinin and is a minor constituent of Artemisia annua. Anhydrodihydroartemisinin is a key compound used in the transformation of artemisinin to artemisitine and is also available from SensaPharm.

For latest opinion on artemisinin purity, please see the WHO document: QUALITY REQUIREMENTS FOR ARTEMISININ AS A STARTING MATERIAL IN THE PRODUCTION OF ANTIMALARIAL ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICAL INGREDIENTS (APIs), for full article please click here.

Catalogue#: RS-008
Quantity: 5mg
CAS#: 101020-89-7
Molecular Weight: 280.13
Structure: C15H20O5
Synonyms: (+)-Artemisitene; Artemisitene; Dehydroqinghaosu; 3,12-Epoxy-12H-pyrano[4,3-j]-1,2-benzodioxepin-10(3H)-one,octahydro-3,6-dimethyl-9-methylene-, (3R,5aS,6R,8aS,12S,12aR)-;