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Anti-Malarial Products

SensaPharm has developed a unique portfolio of anti-malarial reference standards and in-field and laboratory based artemisinin and ACT testing products, all of which can be ordered through enquiry on this website.

Our aim is to provide all of the malaria related drug testing devices, reference standards and assay services that you might require for your business or research.

If a product you need is not on this website then please don't hesitate to contact us and will do our best to either source or develop it for you.

Reference Standards
We are developing the most complete portfolio of malaria related drug reference standards in the world. We are currently working on several more reference standards, so please contact us if the product you require is not listed below and we will do our best to supply it for you.

- Artemisinin Pharmaceuticals

- Artemisinin Derivatives

- Other Antimalarial Pharmaceuticals

- Plant Derived Metabolites

- Plant Extracts

Validated and non-validated assays

We have developed a large range of methods and techniques for the detection and quantitation of anti malarial compounds, with a focus on the artemisinin related compounds... READ MORE

Laboratory and field testing systems
Having established a validated LCMSMS benchmark for artemisinin, we have developed and standardized other techniques useful for assay of artemisinin, including an ELISA and a TLC kit. In addition, we have in the final stages of testing a field based assay kit, which uses lateral flow technology. Please enquire for details of these assay products.

Artemisinin (API) and related molecule stability studies
SensaPharm can perform both long term and short term drug stability studies on artemisinin related compounds using both the recommended ICH standard and low temperature storage conditions.
Stress tests (e.g. oxidative, thermal, pH, light) and forced degradation studies are also available.
For further information please enquire.

Full Pharmacopoeal analysis
We can provide to you a full analysis according to the Pharmacopoea for artemisinin and all related compounds, plus several other anti malarials such as lumifantrine. This includes identity tests (e.g. TLC, HPLC), sulphated ash, FTIR, heavy metal analysis, loss on drying and tests for related substances and impurities. We are the only lab to have produced 9- epi artemisinin and also hold stocks of difficult to obtain molecules such as artemisitene and deoxy artemisinin.
For further information please enquire.

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Analysis of counterfeit and substandard anti-malarial drugs
Counterfeit drugs have been deliberately manipulated to resemble a specific (normally branded) product on the market and may contain... READ MORE.

ACT and mono therapy tracing
In addition, we have developed new technology for ACT tracing based upon impurity analysis and would be pleased to discuss with you chain of custody systems for tracking your particular batch of material.

Malaria related links and information
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